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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Advise You on Your Legal Rights?

In Pasadena, CA, a car accident attorney can be just as life-changing as your accident, but in a very positive way. At Grigoryan Blum & Grigoryan, our personal injury attorneys are here to fight for you and your right to fair compensation. Our experienced attorneys are passionate about seeking justice and will advocate for your recovery from physical to financial. 

Functions and responsibilities achieved by a personal injury lawyer include:

Expounding your rights

It can be challenging to calculate the value of your claim, considering financial losses and non-economic damages. A personal injury lawyer can explain your position in the case. They help clients understand the correct amount of compensation they are entitled to, the types of damages that can be recovered, and time limits for filing lawsuits.

Being exceptionally familiar with legal requirements

The legal process in personal injury is most often long and confusing. A proficient personal injury attorney will examine your situation, informing you of your options and the best route, depending on the severity of your case. An attorney understands the required steps to prove liability and fault related to injuries and accidents.

Reviewing medical records and investigating claims

A personal injury attorney will interview the at-fault party to be familiar with past medical treatments and injuries, medical records, and bills relating to former medical treatments—a time-consuming process.

Acting as a go-between with insurance companies

The at-fault party’s insurance representative works daily with similar cases and is commonly very persuasive in negotiating lower compensation. A personal injury lawyer ensures equitable compensation.

Deciding between making a demand or negotiating

More minor personal injuries, which resulted from car accidents, can be settled before filing a lawsuit. The attorney will know if the case can be resolved or make a demand to the insurance company through a detailed settlement demand package. A skilled car accident attorney in Pasadena, CA, will strive for the maximum value of your claim.

Representing and serving in court

If the at fault parties contest personal injury claims, court action is prompted. A skillful personal injury attorney will provide copious legal representation after car accidents, gathering the evidence needed to present and win the injured party’s court case.

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Additional Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Lawyer

Never underestimate how useful and elemental a knowledgeable auto accident attorney in Pasadena, CA, can be. Let’s look at a few other benefits:

The least amount of headache, stress, and trauma possible

A personal injury lawyer handles the hassle and headache of interviewing witnesses to gather further evidence, reviewing medical records, and even consulting with other experts needed to prove your case and liability. Personal injury law is a complex area, and each state has its laws around individual injury cases. A personal injury attorney will increase the success of your case.

Save your time

Personal injury lawyers understand the necessary steps and direction to be taken. They know and are familiar with the Legal Process. The injured party does not need to represent themselves in a complicated and laborious process, with unfamiliar procedures and laws. A car accident attorney in Pasadena, CA, has a team of professionals trained to figure out the details.

Save money in the end

By helping maximize the value of your claim and provide compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Hiring an auto accident attorney will prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of your lack of experience in determining how much your injury claim is worth.

Circumstances When You Will Need a Personal Injury Attorney

To save money, insurance companies consistently deny medical care assistance. Working with an experienced auto accident attorney in Pasadena, CA, ensures all state laws for injury compensation are complied with. 

Situations when you would most likely need to hire a personal injury lawyer include:

Any situation where you find conflicting information.

Whether medical reports, police reports, or insurance reports, leads to notably lower offers of compensation, claims, or denial claims.

Multiple injuries in an accident.

The compensation process quickly gets complicated when multiple parties are involved, especially if they are from the same household.

Questionable death of a family member.

Certain rights under the law that seek compensation for wrongful death may be attained if the accident resulted in the loss of your family member. A car accident lawyer in Pasadena, CA, will see if your case qualifies under the state laws.

The accident occurred in a questionable road area or construction zone. 

When road conditions or construction zones are a major contributing factor to accidents and injuries, other organizations are held responsible. A personal injury attorney will adequately advise.

A dispute about who is at fault.

Here is where the at-fault state laws get tricky and must be considered. If the accident occurs in an at-fault state, the driver who caused the accident is responsible for compensating the offended party or parties for their losses. The injured party must not share any fault for the accident and injuries in other states.

Under What Circumstances is a Lawyer Not Needed?

  • When there are no physical injuries
  • If you are unfamiliar with your legal rights in any regard, Grigoryan Blum & Grigoryan offers complimentary consultations to help guide you on how to move forward. As a boutique personal injury law firm in Pasadena, California we are passionate about informing you of your rights, guiding you through the process and representing you in court, if necessary.

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