October 4

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Negotiate with Insurance Companies?

One would think that dealing with insurance companies would be straightforward, but it is not. Whether it is your insurance or the other party’s, the rule of thumb is that the insurance company really does not want to pay, or if they do, they want it to be the lowest they can get away with. Insurance companies are for-profit companies that want to keep as much money in their pockets, and out of yours, as possible.

They use a number of techniques to do this. They engage in delay, deny and defend.  These tactics cause many injured people to throw their hands up and give up on the process.  

This is why having a California personal injury lawyer is a great idea as it gives you someone by your side to help and protect your rights. That is where we come in at Grigoryan Blum & Grigoryan Law Firm. We stand by you through every step, conduct an independent investigation, represent your rights with insurance companies, and bring a fair footing to the negotiation table.

After you meet with a personal injury attorney it’s your job to focus on healing.  You should listen to your doctors and follow their orders.  It’s the attorney’s job to do the following:

Demand Letter

This letter details your injuries.  It details the medical care and bills you incurred as well as other damages such as lost earnings and pain and suffering.   In this letter, your injury attorney will also make a Demand.  Do not be surprised if the insurance company returns with a lowball offer or denies your claim altogether.  

Communication with Insurance Company’s Lawyers

If the demand letter is rejected, again, this is not unusual, your personal injury lawyer will open up the conversation with the insurance company to try and reach a settlement that is beneficial for you. If no compromise can be reached, it moves on to the next phase – litigation.

Lawsuit Filed

Filing a lawsuit indicates that you and your lawyer are serious about the validity of your claim and are willing to pursue it to the fullest.

Negotiations can still take place. This just indicates the willingness to face them in court to pursue what is a fair settlement. Sometimes this will result in a settlement offer being brought forward, but it also might mean that it goes before a jury, and we are here to represent you.


Mediation is also an option when it comes to settling with an insurance company. This is where the lawyers from both sides sit down, discuss and work out a deal with the use of third-party mediation. Mediation is sometimes less costly than going forward with a trial.

Having an attorney at your side can save time and money and will oftentimes have a better outcome than going at it alone. We will be able to clarify the law that is pertinent to your situation and help avoid wasting time and energy on unnecessary procedures when dealing with insurance companies.

Don’t delay in seeking assistance before negotiating with insurance companies. They are highly trained to avoid paying injured parties and it is likely that your case will be no different. The moment you think you may have a case, schedule your free consultation and let GBG Law take the reigns. Our Pasadena personal injury attorneys are trained negotiators and we know how to protect your rights when you’re up against an insurance company. 

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