October 18

How to Be Prepared for Your First Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney

Meeting with a lawyer doesn’t have to be scary. First impressions are everything, and at GBG Law, we pride ourselves on being both professional and approachable. Your first meeting with a personal injury attorney will set the expectations for the next steps and give you face time with the actual attorneys that will represent you if you choose to hire them for your personal injury case. 

It is very typical to meet with multiple lawyers before choosing the right fit for you and your situation. Read on for some frequently asked questions about what to expect and how to be prepared for your first meeting with a Pasadena personal injury attorney.

How much is a consultation?

Most lawyers offer free consultations. At Grigoryan Blum & Grigoryan, we are no different. You may schedule a consultation with us by calling our office and speaking with one of our partners or completing our online form

What do I need to bring with me?

Do not panic if you don’t yet have the items we are about to list. Just bring what you can and we can take it from there. If applicable to your case, it would be helpful to bring police reports or accident reports, personal account of the event including timeline and notes, medical records and health care information, photographs and/or video, witness information and reports, insurance information, pay stubs and expense receipts. For more information on why these documents are important, read further details in this blog entry.

What questions can I ask?

You can ask any questions you like, but here are some that we suggest. Remember, you are interviewing them as well!

  • How do your fees work? It will be easier for you to know what kind of fees to anticipate paying whether your case is won or lost if you are aware of the fee structure your injury attorney is providing.
  • Have you ever taken a case like mine before? Though each and every case is unique, It’s critical to be aware of their level of competence in situations similar to yours. Additionally, it will show you if they have special experience and knowledge of the legal field relevant to your case.
  • Will you be my attorney throughout my entire case? Some law firms may assign the majority of cases to paralegals or junior associates, thus they could not be the ones managing your case in reality. Verify that your case will be handled by a Pasadena injury lawyer with whom you feel at ease and have total confidence in.

There is a multitude of other questions we always try to answer even before they are asked and you can view them here.

What questions will they ask me?

It may be challenging for you to respond to some of the questions that a lawyer may ask regarding your accident and injuries because you’ve probably just gone through a stressful event. Knowing the types of questions they might ask in advance will help you mentally and emotionally get ready to answer them.How are you feeling? What type of injuries did you sustain? Have you ever been in any other accidents? Have you given a recorded statement about your accident or injury to any insurance company?

Asking questions about the event is crucial to understanding your individuality and preparing your case file. The personal injury attorney will be assessing your situation to see whether or not you have a case and so they can properly guide you. 


Let our Southern California injury attorneys at Grigoryan Blum & Grigoryan focus on the case while you work on resting and healing. Our boutique Pasadena Law firm is here to not only guide and advise you, but also to represent you. Skilled in negotiation and specializing in personal injury, we are experts in winning cases like yours!

Click here for our complete guide to hiring a personal injury lawyer.


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