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How Much Will I Need to Pay a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you have suffered a personal injury, it will more than likely cause a financial struggle. Between dealing with lost income and medical bills stacking up, the idea of adding attorney fees and costs can seem overwhelming. Many often wonder, “How much will I need to pay for a personal injury lawyer?”

Here at Grigoryan Blum and Grigoryan, we do not get paid unless you get paid. We offer a complimentary personal injury case review, where we will assess your case, answer your questions, and supply you with knowledge and guidance. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Pasadena, CA

What are the Costs of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

At Grigoryan Blum and Grigoryan, we take cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means that we don’t get paid unless we get a settlement for you.  If your case does not have a winning outcome, your GBG lawyer will not collect any attorney fees. You will not have to come out of pocket to pay a retainer or an hourly rate.  

Following an injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best investment you can make. When you contact our Pasadena law firm about the details of your case, rest assured that we will exhaust all resources to gather evidence, prove your case, and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Fees Explained

The following information covers different costs when hiring a personal injury attorney:

Contingency Fees

  • At GBG Law, we represent our clients “on contingency”. This means that the client does not pay us by the hour. Instead, the only fee our lawyers charge is a percentage of either your settlement or your jury award.
  • If there is no settlement or recovery in your case, then you do not pay any attorney’s fees. 
  • Contingency fees make it affordable for injured people to retain an experienced legal team. The fee plan also ensures that personal injury lawyers only take cases with merit. 

Court Costs and Expenses

Your attorneys will incur certain costs and expenses such as:

  • Filing fees
  • Police reports
  • Legal Research
  • Investigators
  • Expert witness fees
  • Medical records
  • Trial exhibits
  • Transcripts 
  • Court reporter for depositions 
  • Travel
  • Postage and copy chargers.

Your personal injury attorney will pay these costs upfront and keep a detailed document of all expenses. Then deduct the total from the amount you receive after winning your case.

  • You don’t have to worry about paying a retainer for these costs or coming out of pocket.
  • If you are concerned with the costs, fees, and expenses, your GBG lawyer will be transparent with you about every detail and contain costs as much as possible. 

Receive and Read Your Contingent Fee Agreement

  • Personal injury lawyers must put contingency fee agreements in writing as part of their retainer agreement. When you receive your contingent fee agreement, read it closely, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • When a settlement occurs, your lawyer will receive the check from the defendant or insurer. The lawyer will provide you with a written statement of how much is being withheld and for what purpose, along with a check for your portion. 

Contact Us and Learn More about Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

When an unexpected personal injury dramatically disrupts your life, you will be in great need of compensation to cover expensive medical bills, lost wages, and more. In our transparent process, you will be involved every step of the way, as we work together to make sure you receive the highest compensation possible. 

The Pasadena auto accident lawyers at Grigoryan Blum and Grigoryan have represented injured parties just like you. We are here to represent you, fight for your rights, and deliver results, all while you are recovering. 

To learn more about personal injury attorney fees, please schedule your complimentary consultation below. You will receive peace of mind, knowing how fees and costs are handled before hiring us to represent you in your case.

Click here for our complete guide to hiring a personal injury lawyer.


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