May 30

Why Do You Need to Schedule a Free Consultation?

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident or other type of accident with damages and injuries is challenging by itself. Trying to prepare a case and represent yourself while dealing with an insurance company, medical issues, and other details adds to the stress. Even though you might think consulting an attorney is a bit overboard, a simple free consultation with GBG Law may be able to clear the path for navigating legal processes.

Why Use an Attorney vs Representing Yourself?

Although representing yourself may seem like it would be easier or a cost saver, that is not always the result. There can be hidden ramifications of not visiting with an attorney.

A consultation can help clarify any legal services that might be beneficial and help you with guidance for moving forward.

Here are the ways having an attorney can benefit you.

Experts on the subject matter

When it comes to the finer details of the law regarding personal injury accidents, our attorneys are experts on the matter. We can help you make the decision if negotiation or lawsuit is the best path forward. We also have the resources and knowledge to do the right homework for focusing on the area of legal emphasis that is needed in dealing with your case.

Professional Negotiators

Attorneys are professional negotiators; this allows us to negotiate on your behalf from a position of power and knowledge, not from an emotional standpoint. This helps to ensure that the outcome of your case is in your best interest.

Present your case in an organized manner

Having a solid, well-organized case will allow the best presentation for negotiation or legal case. Whether negotiating with an insurance company or explaining the law in a way that juries can understand it, our attorneys also have many resources that they can draw from to help support your case.

Knowledge of court etiquette

Our attorneys know how to properly prepare and present a case in a courtroom setting, in turn, protecting you from some common mistakes that a non-attorney could make in the courtroom. This will allow the avoidance of damage to the case, penalties that might occur, or additional fees that can be avoided.

Save you time and money

Having an attorney at your side can save you time and money. We will be able to clarify the law that is pertinent to your situation, help avoid wasting time and energy on unnecessary procedures, and be able to advise you if a settlement offer is unfair or well below adequate compensation.

GBG is a boutique law firm with attorneys who represent clients throughout Southern California. Having an attorney that focuses on Personal Injury Law and will go above and beyond to protect their client’s rights, while working diligently, ensures you receive the results you want. GBG has the knowledge and resources to provide you with the best results.

Do not delay seeking legal assistance when you have been injured. Call Grigoryan Blum & Grigoryan Law Firm at (626) 817-9022 or click the button to complete the form below for a free case evaluation. Our firm has the experience, knowledge, and tools to help you, just like many injured victims and their families throughout Southern California. 

Click here for our complete guide to hiring a personal injury lawyer.


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